Ralph Fiennes Plays In The “Sands”

Ralph Fiennes is in advanced discussions to star in the James Foley-directed fantasy drama-romance “Sands” at Ava Films, Phantom Colombia, HanWay Pictures and Bombay Berlin Films.

Penned by novelist Renata Bovara, the story centers on a New York couple involved in an accident that leaves the woman in a coma.

Caught between life and death, her spirit travels to India where she is drawn to an imaginary man. She must choose between her love for that man, and her surgeon husband who is desperate to bring her back to life.

A major Hollywood star is being sought for the female lead. Richard Paraiso will produce the $15 million project, and talks are underway with Lionsgate regarding distribution in North America and several other territories.

Shooting will take place in Toronto, India, and Reunion Island in the last quarter of the year.

Source: Variety