Raimi Talks Fourth Dead, Spidey

Sam Raimi confirmed at a panel at Comic Con on the weekend that he wants to get to work on a fourth “Evil Dead” and is talking with his brother Ivan about it.

When asked about it by CHUD a little later though, things don’t seem as far forward as fans hope – “Well, he’s coming to town and we’re going to talk about that, if he’s got time to work on the script. Don’t really have a next project lined up right now, and we’ll end up writing about two or three pages of it, as we always do, and then work on something else.”

What about the fourth “Spider-Man” film, where does that stand right now? “I don’t know if Columbia is offering me the picture just yet, so I don’t want to be presumptuous and say that, but if I do get offered the job of directing it once they get a screenplay in…I’d love to work with Tobey and Kirsten…and unfortunately I killed off James Franco. Sorry about that, James.”