Raiders Extended, “Halloween” Re-Released

After seemingly finishing its “one-week-only” re-release in 267 Imax theaters, Paramount Pictures confirmed on Friday that “Raiders of the Lost Ark” will continue playing this weekend.

In fact, the re-release of the 1981 adventure classic is being expanded to some non-Imax screens which brings the total screen number above 300.

In its first week the film has pulled in a healthy $2.4 million. The Blu-ray box-set featuring all four films in the “Indiana Jones” series is slated to hit shelves on Tuesday.

Speaking of classic films being re-released, John Carpenter’s 1978 seminal slasher classic “Halloween” is being re-released just in time for this year’s holiday.

Set to celebrate its 35th anniversary next year, a list of participating theatres for this re-release can be found at It will begin its run on October 25th.