Rahim, Pinto, Strong Have A “Black Thirst”

Freida Pinto (“Slumdog Millionaire”), Tahar Rahim (“A Prophet”), Mark Strong and Antonio Banderas are all in discussions to join Jean-Jacques Annaud’s 1929-set romantic drama epic set against the rise of the oil industry in the Middle East reports The Daily Mail.

Hans R. Ruesch’s 1957 novel “South Of The Heart”, a fictionalised take on the formation of Saudi Arabia, will form the basis of the story about a well-educated Arab prince who is married to a beautiful princess and “is confronted with the problem of what the discovery of oil will bring to the Bedouins” says producer Tarak Ben Ammar.

Rahim and Pinto would play the prince and princess in the film, described as a “big romantic story about oil, religion, tribes and tradition”. Shooting will take place in Tunisia.