Rachel Weisz Up For “Bourne Legacy”

Rachel Weisz is in serious talks to star in the female lead role in “The Bourne Legacy” for Universal Pictures says Deadline.

Last month it was reported that Jeremy Renner was offered the lead role of a young covert agent who enters a program similar to Treadstone, the program in which Matt Damon’s character was trained as an assassin. No word yet as to if he’s accepted the part.

Weisz’s role is uncertain, though best bet it will be something akin to the role of either Chris Cooper or Brian Cox in the first two films.

If she signs though, it puts a big question on her involvement in the role of evil witch Evanorah in Sam Raimi’s “Oz: The Great and Powerful”. ‘Oz’ kicks off filming in the Summer while ‘Bourne’ begins shooting in September – she possibly could do both, but it will be a tight fit.

Meanwhile, Cinema Blend adds that the actress might star opposite Johnny Depp in the upcoming “The Thin Man” remake, citing a trusted source. Its schedule however will depend on Depp’s availability.