Rachel Weisz Is Blofeld To Craig’s 007?

Cinema Blend, who’ve gone out of their way to stress that this is a rumor but from a very reliable source, claim that Rachel Weisz could be involved in the next James Bond film.

The role though would be the head of Quantum, the secret organization behind the various activities in the last two films. This would essentially make Weisz the rebooted Bond’s equivalent of SPECTRE head Ernst Stavro Blofeld – somehow I don’t see the Oscar-winning actress in a safari suit stroking a white cat.

Weisz connection is somewhat understandable. She’s working with Craig on the upcoming “Dream House” and does know director Sam Mendes. It’s also been confirmed that the first draft script from Neal Purvis, Robert Wade and Peter Morgan is complete.

Yet casting rumors surrounding Bond are notoriously wild and all too common, so much so it’s often best to consider any speculation a pipe dream until an official announcement is made. Not long after “Casino Royale” came out there was a lot of talk of Al Pacino playing the head of the organisation in “Quantum of Solace”. Look how true that turned out to be.

If is true though Weisz would join the short list of non-henchwoman major female adversaries to Bond. Others on that list include Lotte Lenya’s famous turn as Russian lesbian general Rosa Klebb in “From Russia with Love”, and Sophie Marceau as the duplicitous Elektra King in “The World is Not Enough”.