Rachel McAdams for “Red Eye”

Rachel McAdams is quietly and cheerfully philosophical when it comes to talking about her impending fame. Now that her recent Wedding Crashers is a bona fide hit, the beautiful actress, back on screen in Wes Craven’s Red Eye, says she is happy to take it as it comes. “I suppose there is a little bit of a numbers game played in Hollywood, so of course the success of something like Wedding Crashers helps, but it’s not something that you seek out,” McAdams explains. “I didn’t go into that movie hoping it would make a ton of money, but I did hope that it would hit an audience and people would really enjoy it.”

Yet like it or not, things are changing for McAdams, whose publicist even insisted that journalists attending the Red Eye junket sign a waiver, something usually kept aside for A-list stars. But Rachel is oblivious to the added attention, insisting, “I’m trying to keep finding ways to step back and step outside of it a little bit, and going home is great for that. And I think if I can continue to do that I might be okay.,” she says referring to her home base of Toronto, where she says she finds comfort “in hanging out with my friends and family.”

McAdams is now the front and centre of Red Eye, an often unnerving thriller in which she plays a Miami hotel manager who shares a chilling plane ride with a passenger helping to set about a political assassination in her hotel. Directed by horror maestro Wes Craven, the actress was intrigued to take on the role, most of which is set in a confined space. “The biggest challenge in doing the movie was to amp yourself up, 12 hours out of the day, just to get to that level of intensity and fear. “But that confinement actually fed the fear and drove it a little bit because I was stuck on this plane for such a long period of time, so it kind of works.”

Asked if she could identify with her driven character who discovers the strength to deal with her menacing co-passenger, McAdams says “I would like to think I would rise to the occasion, but it’s just interesting to me how powerful human beings can be when pushed to their limit and I really wanted to find it realistically that she could fight back, that she could take the skills she had learned just from being a hotel manager and turn them around and actually escape the situation.”

As successful as McAdams is becoming, the actress still says she fights for the good roles and thrives on that competitive edge. “I actually love the audition process, so I’m so happy to fight for things. I would love to read something that I want to fight for, but lately the scripts are not that compelling.”