Rachel Griffiths To Play Julia Gillard

“Six Feet Under” and “Brothers and Sisters” actress Rachel Griffiths is set to play ousted Australian Prime Minister prime minister in “Little Fish” director Richard Keddie’s telemovie “Stalking Julia” for WTFN. No broadcaster is yet attached.

Gillard became the first female Deputy Prime Minister of Australia in 2007, serving under newly elected Prime Minister Kevin Rudd – the pair leading the left-wing Labor Party to successfully kick out the conservative Liberal/National coalition after more than a decade in power.

In 2010, Rudd lost the support of the Labor Government and resigned, which led to Gillard becoming the first female PM in Australia. Gillard won a tight election that year by forming a minority government with minor parties.

Thus began one of the most contentious three years in Australian political history both in the parliament and across the media as Gillard came under constant and brutal criticism from all corners, including from within her own party. She was ultimately deposed seven weeks before this year’s general election, with Rudd re-installed for that brief period before losing it in a landslide to the Coalition.

The project is based on Kerry-Anne Walsh’s book “The Stalking of Julia Gillard” which tells the story of the media’s obsession with the fall and resurrection of Rudd at Gillard’s expense. Keddie has familiarity with the subject, directing the Bob Hawke biopic “Hawke” a few years ago which starred Richard Roxburgh.

Source: SMH