Racer Gets Commentator & TV Series

French actor Melvil Poupaud (“Time to Leave”) tells Coming Soon that he’ll be playing a small part as a former champion turned TV network race commentator in Warner Bros.’ “Speed Racer.”

Poupaud says “he’s kind of cool and pretentious, and at one point, when the race becomes crazy, he starts speaking in French.”

Meanwhile Lionsgate has confirmed it will produce 26 episodes of a new version of the old 1960’s animated series.

Nicktoons will air the initial run of the show which will launch around the same time as the movie, but will not have any direct tie-ins.

Rather this seems to be a sci-fi sequel to the original series – the main character being the son of the original, the updated car called the Mach 6, and elements like chimpanzee Chim-Chim now being a mechanical robot.