Rabe, Tobolowsky Join Brad Anderson’s Next

Rabe Tobolowsky Join Brad Andersons Next

Lily Rabe (“American Horror Story”), Stephen Tobolowsky (“Groundhog Day”), Adjoa Andoh (“Doctor Who”) and Lucy Capri (“Queen America”) have all joined the cast of “The Machinist” and “Session 9” director Brad Anderson’s untitled action thriller feature at Netflix.

Sam Worthington plays a father driving cross-country with his wife and daughter as they stop at a highway rest area where his daughter falls and breaks her arm. After a frantic rush to the hospital and a clash with the check-in nurse, he is finally able to get her to a doctor.

While the wife and daughter go downstairs for an MRI, the father, exhausted, passes out in a chair in the lobby. Upon waking up, they have no record or knowledge of his family ever being checked in. He must find his courage and hold on to his sanity in order to find them.

Alan B. McElroy (“Spawn,” “Wrong Turn”) penned the script with Paul Schiff, Neal Edelstein, and Mike Macari serving as producers. Filming will start later this year.

Source: Deadline