R-Rated “Batman v Superman” On The Way

The success of “Deadpool” means studios are going to be more likely to move forward with R-rated adaptations of comic book properties.

One film that won’t be getting that treatment though in cinemas is the next one hitting cinemas, Zack Snyder’s “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice”. In the home video arena though, it looks like Snyder might have been given the go ahead to go darker.

FilmRatings.com (via Stitch Kingdom) indicated that the MPAA has officially handed out an R-rating to the film for “sequences of violence”. That rating though is for an extended cut of the film on an upcoming Blu-ray edition titled the ‘Dawn of Justice Ultimate Edition’.

Theatrically the film will be released with a PG-13 rating and Warners has announced that advanced tickets are set to go on sale from February 29th ahead of the film’s theatrical release on March 25th. No word on when the Blu-ray edition will hit stores.