R.I.P. Roy Scheider

75-year-old acting veteran Roy Scheider passed away on Sunday in Arkansas from complications from a staph infection.

Scheider was nominated for two Oscars, the first as supporting actor for 1971’s “The French Connection”, the other as lead actor in 1979’s “All That Jazz”.

Though primarily a stage actor, Scheider became a household name thanks to the success of 1975’s Steven Spielberg epic “Jaws”. He followed that up with notable roles in “Marathon Man”,”Sorcerer”,”Blue Thunder”,”2010″, “The Russia House”, “Naked Lunch”, “Romeo is Bleeding”, “The Rainmaker”, “RKO 281”, “The Punisher” and TV’s “Seaquest DSV”.

In recent years, Scheider had been diagnosed with blood cancer and underwent a bone-marrow transplant in 2005 to treat multiple myeloma.