R.I.P. Montalban and McGoohan

Two of TV’s greatest acting legends, with two of the most distinct voices ever to grace the screen, have both passed on – Ricardo Montalban and Patrick McGoohan.

88-year-old, Mexican-born Montalban died Wednesday morning at his home. He first came to fame in various musicals for MGM such as “Fiesta” and in a career spanning seven decades he appeared in well over 160 different film and television productions.

His most famous role however was the mysterious, white-suited Mr. Roarke in the classic ABC TV series “Fantasy Island”. He also made a huge name for himself as one of cinema’s great villains as Captain Kirk’s nemesis Khan Noonein Singh in an episode of the classic “Star Trek” series and the highly acclaimed 1982 sci-fi feature “Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan”.

Other credits include the likes of “The Naked Gun,” “Spy Kids,” “The Mark of Zorro,” “The Desperate Mission,” “Sweet Charity” and countless guest starring roles on TV shows like “Dr. Kildare” “Mission: Impossible,” “Gunsmoke,” “Bonanza,” “The Man from U.N.C.L.E.,” “Murder She Wrote,” “The Wild Wild West,” “I Spy,” “Hawaii Five-O,” “Columbo,” “Dynasty,” “The Colbys” and “Family Guy”.

Meanwhile Emmy-winning actor McGoohan died Tuesday in Los Angeles at the age of 80 after a short illness. The American-born, Irish raised thesp was considered the number-one British TV star in the 1950s to 1960s era thanks to such successful shows as the long-running spy action series “Danger Man” and the sci-fi tinged cult classic “The Prisoner”.

He also made a name for himself on the big screen with such notable films as “Ice Station Zebra,” “Mary Queen of Scots,” “Escape from Alcatraz,” “Scanners,” “Silver Streak,” “Braveheart,” and “A Time to Kill.”