R.I.P. Michael Jackson

I go to bed not long after the news of Farrah Fawcett’s death, I wake up and this is the first thing I hear. What a day.

Legendary entertainer Michael Jackson died at 2:26pm US-PST today from a heart attack. The 50-year old superstar was prepping for a comeback tour when he collapsed at his home in the Los Angeles suburb of Holmby Hills. A full autopsy will be performed tomorrow.

Jackson, whose health had been admittedly frail of late, was apparently keen to get back on the tour dubbed ‘The Final Curtain’ which already had sold 750,000 tickets for fifty shows in London next month.

Jackson apparently passed a physical exam recently in order to be insured for the trip, making the news of his cardiac arrest a surprise.

The online world has gone crazy over the news, his legions of fans understandably devastated. Others are admittedly less sympathetic, the singer’s controversial private life and actions over the past twenty years will always be inexorably tied with him.

Today though, the groundbreaking music and dance is what I choose to remember. Farewell sir.