R.I.P. John Mahoney

Veteran actor John Mahoney, best known for playing the titular character’s father Martin Crane in long-running sitcom “Frasier,” died in Chicago on Sunday while in hospice care. He was 77.

Mahoney, a mainstay of Chicago’s theater community, also had a recurring role in “Hot in Cleveland” and appeared in numerous films in small but key roles including “Primal Fear,” “The American President,” “Moonstruck,” “In the Line of Fire,” “Reality Bites,” “The Hudsucker Proxy,” “Say Anything,” “”The Iron Giant,” “Antz,” “Barton Fink,” “The Russia House,” “Frantic,” “Mission Hill,” “Atlantis: The Lost Empire,” and “She’s the One”.

Producer Greg Berlanti credits Mahoney with allowing him to secure a green light for his first feature, the 2000 gay romantic comedy “The Broken Hearts Club” in which Mahoney played a key role.

Source: Variety