R.I.P. Farrah Fawcett

After a nearly three year fight with cancer, legendary “Charlie’s Angels” star Farrah Fawcett died in Santa Monica last night. She was 62.

The blond star was one of the biggest pin-ups of the 1970’s thanks to her role on ‘Angels’, but went on to receive acclaim for more serious fare such as TV movie “The Burning Bed”, the Raquel Welch feature “Myra Breckinridge”, and both the stage and film version of the rape drama “Extremities”.

Her other film work included “Logan’s Run,” “The Cannonball Run,” Robert Altman’s “Dr. T and the Women” and “The Cookout”. Her personal life from her relationships with Ryan O’Neal and Lee Majors, to her Playboy spread and controversial David Letterman appearance kept her in the spotlight.

A very sad day indeed for everyone. To her family, friends and millions of fans – our sincerest condolences go out.