R.I.P. Bernardo Bertolucci

R I P Bernardo Bertolucci

Award-winning Italian director Bernardo Bertolucci has died at the age of 77 after a battle with cancer.

The filmmaker of such classics as “Last Tango in Paris,” “The Last Emperor,” “The Conformist” and “The Dreamers,” had been confined to a wheelchair for over a decade following unsuccessful surgery in 2003.

Bertolucci, like Antonioni and Fellini, was a key figure of the Italian new wave of cinema and transitioned to Hollywood film-making with 1987’s “The Last Emperor” which won nine Oscars, including best picture.

Other directorial works include “Little Buddha,” “The Sheltering Sky,” “Stealing Beauty,” “1900,” “Before the Revolution,” “La Luna,” “The Grim Reaper,” “The Spider’s Stratagem” and “Besieged” whilst he did screenplay work on the classic “Once Upon a Time in the West” and the bawdy period comedy “The Triumph of Love” helmed by his wife Clare Peploe.

Bertolucci’s final completed feature was “Me and You” in 2012.

Source: The Guardian