Quotes: Proyas, Smith, Liebesman

“While he couldn’t say much about the film he has confirmed the film has just been finished” says this column while chatting with producer Steve Schwarz about the upcoming post-apocalpytic thriller “The Road” starring Viggo Mortensen.

“The story of Odysseus and basically it’s like a Clint Eastwood story where he comes back after 20 years at war and finds his island overtaken by bad guys and it’s sort of a little kinetic action movie of how this guy wins his island back” says director Jonathan Liebesman of his upcoming spaghetti gladiator movie “Battle: Los Angeles”.

“Comedy. Set in space. Will be my biggest budget yet, but still not crazy (somewhere in the $50 million range). Hopefully with Seth. Hopefully better than ‘Pluto Nash'” says director Kevin Smith of his previously mentioned upcoming sci-fi project.

“The reason I got excited about the project is I read a particular script that puts the whole legend on its head in every conceivable way and comes out with something that is both a kind of an ode to Bram Stoker’s original Dracula, in that it’s kind of a prequel to that, but it also redefines the character to such an extent that I found it quite exciting, so that is very much a kind of reinvention of that character and it’s why I got excited about it” says sequel/remake-loathing director Alex Proyas about why he’s taking on Bram Stoker’s famous vampire character in “Dracula Year Zero”.

“I’ll be looking at Michigan for our second-unit photography on the new ‘Spider-Man’ film” says Sam Raimi about location filming on the fourth film which heads into production next year.

“I’m getting uncomfortable. I’m done. I’m done, I hope you write whatever you want. I don’t give a damn” said Benicio del Toro after fielding a question about his new film “Che” and its portrayal of the Bolivian and Cuban revolutions.