Quiet Box-Office Sees Soft Openings

Friday’s estimates are out for the box-office and no surprise in guessing that Will Ferrell comedy looks likely to take the weekend as it scored $9 million on Good Friday. What is surprising is that none of the new entries looks likely to make much of a splash.

“Grindhouse” may be the most well-reviewed major release of the year so far, but despite much hype and promotion it pulled in a mere $5 million on Friday. The film was admittedly hampered by its R-rating and three-plus hour runtime, but considering the rabid fanbase of the directors and the demographic the material targets it should have been a prime day for that audience. The number sadly can’t be considered anything less than disappointing, especially considering the (at least) $55 million budget.

Still it fared better than the other films opening this week, “Are We Done Yet” looks likely to equal “Grindhouse” for a $15m tally over the three-day weekend. Hilary Swank spooker “The Reaping” took a mere $3.8m on Friday and the woeful “Firehouse Dog” a deservedly terrible $1.6m. More detailled stats tomorrow.