Quickies: Thrones, Bad, Locke, 1D, Surfer

Game of Thrones
Icelandic art-pop sensation Sigur Ros is set to appear in season four of HBO’s “Game of Thrones”. Members Georg Holm and Orri Pall Dýrason are currently shooting an appearance on the Thrones set in Croatia.

Details of the roles are being kept top secret. Members of Snow Patrol and Coldplay have made guest appearances in past seasons. [Source: EW]

Breaking Bad
AMC and Sony Home Entertainment have unveiled an impressive ‘collectible replica barrel’ set for “Breaking Bad: The Complete Series” on Blu-ray which hits stores November 26th.

All 62 episodes, 55 hours of special features and a two-hour documentary are housed in the ‘barre;, while the box also includes a Los Pollos Hermanos apron, a collectible booklet, and a commemorative Breaking Bad challenge coin designed by creator Vince Gilligan.

Locke and Key
Producer Alex Kurtzman says that he and producing partner Roberto Orci have “locked down” a writer for the first film in the proposed film series adaptation of the comic “Locke & Key” at Universal.

Kurtzman says the writer “came up with a brilliant way to take the best of the first couple graphic novels and play out a complete first movie story with a lot of promise of future movies, which is really our goal.” [Source: Collider]

One Direction: This Is Us
For those who like their boy bands uncut, “One Direction” is about to show it all for their fans as TriStar Pictures have announced that a new extended cut of the documentary “One Direction: This Is Us” will hit screens this Friday.

The new version will feature 20 minutes of new footage and four songs not previously in the movie. The film has raked in $50 million worldwide since opening. Followers can reach out on Twitter through @1DThisIsUs with the songs they’d like to hear in the film – and on Friday will hear which songs make the cut.

The Silver Surfer
A fun fan-made trailer showing what a “Silver Surfer” movie teaser might look like has gone online.