Quickies: Croods 2, Steel 2, JARVIS, IMAX

The Croods 2
Nicolas Cage, Ryan Reynolds and Emma Stone are fully set to reprise their voice roles in DreamWorks Animation’s forthcoming sequel to their 2013 box office hit “The Croods” [Source: Coming Soon]

Man of Steel 2
“300” and “Watchmen” cinematographer Larry Fong will re-team with Zack Snyder for the upcoming Superman/Batman movie at Warner Bros. Pictures.

Fong’s involvement was spotted when his resume at Worldwide Production Agency was updated to include the production. [Source: Coming Soon]

Marvel has launched the ‘JARVIS’ app, an interactive digital assistant, for all iOS devices. JARVIS works as an alarm clock, can access local weather, and can post to social media outlets. Paul Bettany, who voices Tony Stark’s JARVIS operating system in the “Iron Man” movies, recorded over twenty hours of original audio content specifically for the app.

TCL IMAX Chinese Theatre
IMAX has released a time lapse video which follows the renovation of Hollywood’s famed Grauman’s Chinese Theater into the new TCL IMAX Chinese Theatre which has the largest seating capacity of any IMAX theatre in the world (though only the third largest screen in North America).