Quick News: Westworld, Brooklyn, Iguana, Horror

Shogun World. That’s the official name for the feudal Japan-themed park in “Westworld” that was glimpsed in the first season finale and is expected to appear more in the new season. As only the initials SW were seen in the finale, the most commonly speculated name for it was SamuraiWorld. Shogun is a term applied to military commanders in feudal Japan.

It’s not clear how much of this second world we’ll see. It has been confirmed Delos Incorporated owns six theme parks in all with West World and now Shogun World being the only two revealed so far. The original film teased a Roman World and Medieval World as well, but neither has been confirmed for the new series. [Source: EW]

Brooklyn Nine-Nine
FOX has announced a March 18th return for “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” with the second half of the fifth season of the cop comedy replacing its freshman comedy “Ghosted” which has aired nine of its sixteen first season episodes. The remainder will return later in the season.

The episodes will pick up with Rosa coming out as bisexual and Captain Holt potentially becoming police commissioner. Jake and Amy’s wedding will take place in the season finale. [Source: TV Line]

Blue Iguana
Screen Media has acquired U.S. rights to Hadi Hajaig’s black comedy “Blue Iguana” starring Sam Rockwell, Ben Schwartz and Phoebe Fox. A day-and-date release in Q3 2018 is planned.

Rockwell and Schwartz play ex-prisoners on parole and working in a New York diner, They are enlisted by English lawyer Katherine Rookwood (Fox) to go to London and steal a gem called the Blue Iguana. Making trouble for them is psychotic small-time crime boss (Peter Ferdinando) who is also after it. [Source: Screen Media]

Untitled Descendant Film
Jackson Robert Scott, who played Georgie in the “IT” remake, is joining Taylor Schilling in Orion Pictures’ new and untitled horror movie previously known as “Descendant”. Tripp Vinson is producing and filming begins this month in Toronto.

Nicholas McCarthy helms an original script by “Midnight Meat Train” scribe Jeff Buhler. Schilling plays a mother who, concerned about the disturbing behavior of her son (Scott), thinks something supernatural may be affecting him. [Source: Deadline]