Quick News: Haunted, Beast, Perfection, Futurama

The Haunted Swordsman
A Kickstarter has been set up for “The Haunted Swordsman,” a live action samurai tale set in a world of demons and ghosts that will utilize 36-inch tall bunraku puppets.

Creature effects artist and model maker Kevin McTurk will direct the project for the puppet ghost story which is said to boast “traditional in-camera effects, and good old-fashioned smoke and mirrors trickery”. Click the link for more information.

Fresh from a strong reception in Toronto, 30WEST has picked up the North American distribution rights for Michael Pearce’s psychological thriller “Beast” starring Jessie Buckley, Johnny Flynn and Geraldine James.

The story is set in a small island community where a troubled young woman falls for a mysterious outsider who empowers her to escape from her oppressive family. When he comes under suspicion for a series of brutal murders she defends him at all costs. [Source: 30WEST]

Miramax Films has pre-emptively scored the rights to the horror-thriller “The Perfection” with “Girls” director Richard Shepard attached to helm from a script he co-wrote with Eric Charmelo and Nicole Snyder. The story centers on a pair of cello prodigies and their sinister obsession. Production aims to begin in early 2018. [Source: Variety]

The all-new, podcast-only “Radiorama” episode of “Futurama” has now popped up in full on Youtube. Clocking in at a whopping 42 minutes, the double-length episode story sees the original writers and voice actors return for the one-off event.

In the episode, the team are on a routine mission to Junkleon 7, the crew encounters Klaxxon, a nefarious life form composed entirely of soundwaves from 21st-century podcasts. Can the crew save Earth from Klaxxon’s harmful soundwaves?