Quick News: Sweet, Monster, MoviePass, Lost

Sweet Country
Samuel Goldwyn Films has set an April 6th U.S. release date for Warwick Thornton’s acclaimed gritty Australian western meets slavery drama “Sweet Country” which currently boasts a stunning 97% & 8.7/10 on Rotten Tomatoes.

The film will initially debut in Los Angeles and New York and then roll out to 20 to 30 more screens across the country. Sam Neill, Bryan Brown and Matt Day star in the film set in 1929 and follows an Aboriginal man who goes on the run after killing a PTSD-ridden white brute in self-defense.

Monster Hunter: World
Along with scoring stellar reviews, including a 90 on Metacritic, “Monster Hunter World” has now reportedly taken the crown as Capcom’s best-selling game ever with 7.5 million copies shipped so far – and that’s without its PC release which is happening later in the year. Capcom’s most famous franchises include “Street Fighter” and “Resident Evil” with the previous record holder being the fifth ‘Resident’ with 7.3 million copies sold as of last month. [Source: Screen Rant]

In the wake of recent bad PR debacle over its blocking off of select screenings of “Red Sparrow” on top of long-running complaints about its customer service, Movie Pass has announced plans to step up their customer service experience by partnering with customer-care solutions firm TaskUs. TaskUs, which has worked with the likes of Tinder, Periscope and Hootsuite, deliver customer service operations across social, phone and chat. [Source: Deadline]

Lost in Space
Netflix has confirmed the second trailer for its new reimagining of “Lost in Space” will go online tomorrow and dropped a tease from the preview which you can see below. The tease was quite clever in that it was sent out via over two hundred tweets with each directed at every single Will Robinson on Twitter. “Lost in Space” arrives on Netflix April 13th.