Quick News On Cannes Faves “Blue,” “Llewyn”

Despite the critical love in Cannes, the French lesbian drama “Blue is the Warmest Color” will NOT be able to qualify as France’s nominee for foreign language Oscar consideration this year.

This is said to be due to French distributor, Wild Bunch, not releasing the film in time. The movie is due for release in France in October, but the Oscar rep selection committee requires any potential nominee to get a national release before September 30th.

Sundance Selects will release ‘Blue’ in its unrated form later this year in the United States.

In news of another favorite at Cannes this year, the soundtrack for the Coen brothers’ upcoming folk music scene feature ‘Inside Llewyn Davis’ is set for a September 17th release.

That date is several months before the film itself hits U.S. cinemas on December 6th.

Sources: Deadline & Collider