Quick News: Girl, Slap, Nine, River, Telltale

Quick News Girl Slap Nine River Telltale

The Staggering Girl
MUBI has acquired most worldwide rights to Luca Guadagnino’s 35-minute short drama “The Staggering Girl” starring Julianne Moore. Moore plays an Italian-American writer who lives in New York and must return to Rome to retrieve her ageing mother. Mia Goth, KiKi Layne, Kyle MacLachlan, Marthe Keller, and Alba Rohrwacher co-star while Michael Mitnick penned the script. [Source: Variety]

Slap Face
William Sadler will join Mike C. Manning, August Maturo, Bianca D’Ambrosio and Chiara D’Ambrosio in Jeremiah Kipp‘s horror feature “Slapface” with filming to kick off this Fall. Maturo plays Lucas who lives with his older brother (Manning) after the loss of their parents. Lucas befriends a monster in the nearby woods, and trouble ensues. The town Sheriff (Sadler) tries to thwart the wrongdoings of Lucas and the monster before it is too late. [Source: Bloody Disgusting]

Nine Days
Tony Hale (“Veep”) will join Winston Duke, Zazie Beetz, Benedict Wong, David Rysdahl and Bill Skarsgard in Edson Oda’s indie thriller “Nine Days”. Duke plays a reclusive man who, in a house, distant from the reality we know, interviews prospective candidates, a personification of human souls (Beetz, Skarsgård, Wong & Rysdahl) – for the privilege that he once had. To be born.

Hale will play Alexander, a jovial soul, desperate to prove he should be given the opportunity of life. Jason Michael Berman, Mette-Marie Kongsved, Laura Tunstall, Matthew Lindner and Datari Turner are producing. [Source: Deadline]

Tango Entertainment has acquired and will produce Joshua Giuliano’s contained horror-thriller spec script “River” which he will direct. The story follows three siblings who, after being stranded in a boat on a country river, are stalked by a masked killer. Nick Antosca and Alex Hedlund are producing. [Source: Deadline]

Telltale Games
A year after its staff was entirely laid off, game industry executives Jamie Ottilie and Brian Waddle have bought the assets of Telltale Games – the studio behind episodic games like “The Walking Dead” and “Batman: The Enemy Within”.

The pair’s plans are to monetize Telltale’s existing catalogue, and develop new titles that follow Telltale’s proven model of story-based episodic gaming. They are also looking to rehire some of Telltale’s staff on a freelance basis, but keep the company small for the coming months. [Source: Variety]