Quick News: Doom, Heist, Reprisal, Program

Doom Patrol
Mr. Nobody will reportedly serve as the villain of the upcoming “Doom Patrol” series for the DC Universe streaming service. In the comics the character has the ability to drain the sanity of his victims.

In the series he’s stuck between two dimensions and is seeking vengeance on the person he holds responsible for the failed experiment that caused his condition. He’s also insane, but comes to admire the Doom Patrol despite a loathing for superheroes. [Source: That Hashtag Show]

Untitled Superhero Lair Heist Film
Legendary has closed a deal for an untitled heist film from “Bad Day for the Cut” filmmakers Chris Baugh and Brendan Mullin. Baugh will direct and both will produce.

The story is a subversion of the superhero genre and follows a group of career criminals who stage a heist on the lair of a superhero and must escape with their lives when everything goes wrong.” [Source: Deadline]

“Timeless” star Abigail Spencer is set as the lead in Hulu’s drama pilot “Reprisal”. Josh Corbin penned and Jonathan Van Tulleken helms the hyper-kinetic revenge tale pilot about a relentless femme fatale who, after being left for dead by her brother and his bombastic gang of gearheads, leads a vengeful campaign against them. [Source: TV Line]

Bharat Nalluri (“Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day,” “M:I-5”) is attached to direct “We Interrupt This Program” for Echo Lake Entertainment and based on a spec script by Sean Sorensen. The film deals wth the internal battles between Orson Welles and producer John Houseman that nearly derailed the shocking radio broadcast of H.G. Wells’ “War of the Worlds” in 1938. Without identifying they were performing a sci-fi play, the broadcast panicked listeners into believing an alien invasion was taking place. [Source: Deadline]