Quick News: Corey, Void, State, Day, Tree

Quick News Corey Void State Day Tree

Queen Corey
Red Crown Productions has acquired the rights to Harry Tarre’s screenplay Queen which is based on Trans activist and model Corey Rae’s article telling her true story of her real-life high school transition process and how she became the world’s first openly transgender prom queen. The film will be produced by Daniel Crown and Yoni Liebling. [Source: Deadline]

Across the Void
Universal, Robert Kirkman’s Skybound Entertainment and Circle of Confusion are teaming up for an adaptation of S.K. Vaughn’s forthcoming sci-fi novel “Across the Void”. Shane Kuhn will adapt the script. The story follows Cmdr. Maryam ‘May’ Knox’s fight for survival after she wakes up alone in a ruined spacecraft in Jupiter’s orbit and attempts to survive and return to Earth. Kirkman, David Alpert, Brad Mendelsohn, and Bryan and Sean Furst will produce. [Source: Heat Vision]

State of Wonder
Director William Oldroyd (“Lady Macbeth”) and screenwriter Philippa Goslett (“How To Talk To Girls At Parties”) have signed for an event series TV adaptation of Ann Patchett’s novel “State of Wonder” at eOne and King Bee Productions. Novelist Maile Meloy will serve as a consultant.

Dr Marina Singh journeys into the depths of the Amazon rain forest in search of her former mentor, veteran scientist Dr Annick Swenson, who has vanished while conducting research into the prolonged fertility of the women of an isolated Amazonian tribe. [Source: Deadline]

“I Am Mother” director Grant Sputore will helm the science-fiction thriller “Augmented” which Margot Robbie is producing for Warner Bros. Pictures. Michael Lloyd Green is rewriting an original script by Mark Townend while Denise Di Novi and Tom Ackerley are also producing. No actors are attached at this point. [Source: Variety]

The Tree with Matchmaking Powers
Sony Pictures is in negotiations to score rights to Jeff Maysh’s The Atlantic article “The Tree With Matchmaking Powers”. Peter Chiarelli (“Crazy Rich Asians”) will script based on the true story of a German mailman who delivers love letters to a magical tree with matchmaking abilities. Michael Sugar, Ashley Zalta, David Klawans and Lawrence Grey will produce. [Source: Deadline]

The Last Day
Producers Scott Steindorff and Dylan Russell have obtained film and TV rights to Andrew Hunter Murray’s debut novel, the science-based eco-thriller “The Last Day”. The story takes place 40 years in the terrifyingly plausible dystopian future after a solar catastrophe began to slow the planet’s rotation. The future of humanity lies in the hands of one woman, a scientist who has stumbled upon a secret that the government will go to any lengths to keep hidden. A screenwriter is now being sought. [Source: Deadline]