Quick News: Blade, Expanse, Rich, Sylvie

Quick News Blade Expanse Rich Sylvie

Blade Runner 2019
Titans Comics have announced “Blade Runner 2019,” part of a series of upcoming original comics that will expand the canon of the dystopian sci-fi universe and will be penned by “Blade Runner 2049” screenwriter Michael Green. The comics will be released this Summer.

The comic’s events will coincide with the original movie, following a female replicant-hunter by the name of Ash. It will also feature other new characters and circumstances, and marks the first comic book adaptation of the series since Marvel’s attempt in back in 1982. [Source: CBM]

The Expanse
Rosa Gilmore (“The Handmaid’s Tale”), Keon Alexander (“Tyrant”) and Jess Salgueiro (“Mouthpiece”) have all scored recurring roles in the upcoming fourth season of “The Expanse” on Amazon.

Gilmore will play Lucia Mazur, a Belter refugee and ex-medic taking a claim on a new Earth-like planet, Alexander plays a charismatic Belter faction leader, Salgueiro portrays a cynical corporate security officer. [Source: Deadline]

Filthy Rich
Kim Cattrall (“Sex and the City”) has been set to both star in and produce Tate Taylor’s Southern-tinged family soap opera series “Filthy Rich”. Cattrall will play the ‘steel azalea’ matriarch of the family at the center of the series – the Monroes.

The story begins when the wealthy CEO of the world’s largest Christian network dies in a plane crash. His wife (Cattrall) and adult children are stunned to discover he has grown, illegitimate kids who are also in his will. [Source: TV Line]

Tessa Thompson (“Thor: Ragnarok”) and Nnamdi Asomugha (“Crown Heights”) are set to star in Eugene Ashe’s feature “Sylvie”. Ashe has written the screenplay and will direct with filming now underway.

Set in New York City in the late 1950s/early 1960s. Sylvie (Thompson) meets aspiring saxophonist Robert (Asomugha) when he takes a job at her father’s record store in Harlem. After a summer romance comes to an end, the two fatefully reconnect several years later. [Source: Variety]