Quick Bits: Sky, Oceans, Chaos, Astra, Thor

No Man’s Sky
A trailer has been released for ‘Atlas Rising’, the upcoming one year anniversary update for “No Man’s Sky” which adds a bunch of new features including thirty hours of story, streamlined travel, improved graphics & UI, a terrain editing tool, portals to allow easier travel between planets, more ships, and some basic multiplayer.

Ocean’s 8
Actress Sarah Paulson has confirmed that she’ll be participating in additional filming this coming week on “Ocean’s 8,” the upcoming all female “Ocean’s 11” spin-off led by Sandra Bullock, Cate Blanchett and Anne Hathaway.

Paulson says the reshoots aren’t so much making changes, but rather the producers have “decided to add more things”. Bullock plays Debbie Ocean, sister of Danny (George Clooney), who assembles a crew to pull off a heist at the Met Gala. [Source: Slashfilm]

Chaos Walking
Nick Jonas is set to join Doug Liman’s post-apocalyptic thriller “Chaos Walking” at Lionsgate. Jonas will play Davy Prentiss Jr., a young soldier fueled by jealousy over his father’s (Mads Mikkelsen) mentorship of Tom Holland’s main character.

Based on the best-selling young adult novel by Patrick Ness, the story takes place on a colony planet where almost all women have been killed by a virus, while men are struck by The Noise – unrelenting visions which drives many mad. Daisy Ridley, Demian Bichir and Kurt Sutter also star. [Source: Heat Vision]

Ad Astra
Donald Sutherland has joined the cast of James Gray’s upcoming sci-fi epic “Ad Astra” alongside Brad Pitt, Tommy Lee Jones and Ruth Negga.

Pitt plays a man who journeys across a lawless and unforgiving solar system to find his missing father, a renegade scientist who poses a threat to all of mankind. Gray will direct film from a script he co-wrote with Ethan Gross. [Source: Heat Vision]

Thor: Ragnrok
Filmmaker Taika Waititi has posted a new photo from the set of “Thor: Ragnarok” to celebrate the birthday of Aussie actor and the film’s star Chris Hemsworth. Waititi did so some mocap work as the character Korg, a massive rock beast in the film which opens in early November.