Quantum Villain Joins “Spectre” Cast?

With the reboot of the Bond franchise in “Casino Royale,” one of the key elements introduced was hints of an unnamed SPECTRE-style organisation. The sequel “Quantum of Solace” then expanded on that, giving them the name Quantum and revealing them to be an apolitical group of politicians, key businessmen and spies.

By the end of that film though, three of the groups key leaders had been exposed, another dead, and another operative captured. While the organisation wasn’t gone, it was left crippled – enough that several years later the characters in “Skyfall” made no mention of them.

Of course some fans, especially those who only came onboard with the Craig-era Bond, were left unhappy by the way “Skyfall” seemed to avoid mentioning Quantum. While ‘Solace’ was promoted on the fact that it was a direct sequel to ‘Royale’, “Skyfall” deliberately went the standalone route despite being a part of the same continuity of the previous films (much like the way Connery’s third film “Goldfinger” was the only one of his that completely ignored the SPECTRE subplots).

Now though it appears the upcoming fourth Daniel Craig Bond film “Spectre” will not only serve as a sequel to “Skyfall” but may well pick up the the lingering threads left by ‘Solace’ as well as actor Jesper Christensen has confirmed to EuroMan.Dk that he will be returning to the role of Mr. White in the new film.

Christensen played the Quantum rep in the first two Daniel Craig films and was last seen in the second film attending the opera in Austria with other members of Quantum. In a recent interview he says: “I am looking forward to working with Sam Mendes and Daniel Craig. It is a truly exciting script and a very capable team. So it’ll be fun.”

Christensen’s return was not part of Sony’s official announcement yesterday, and has yet to be confirmed. Shooting on “Spectre” starts on Monday.