Pushing Daisies The Movie?

With ABC’s “Pushing Daisies” off the air and no word on the remaining unaired episodes ever making it to air, some surprising news has come today from regular cast member Kristin Chenoweth.

Talking with TV Guide, Chenoweth claims series runner Bryan Fuller is aiming for a direct-to-DVD movie that would wrap up the series and its various storylines that sadly don’t come to a close in those so far unaired episodes.

“It would wrap up a lot of the unanswered questions that people will have once they finally air our final episodes” says Chenoweth who claims Fuller has the plot for a movie already worked out. However she’s sure he “wouldn’t do it without the six main characters. Paul Reubens was a big part of it – we have certain guest stars that are standouts that we’d want back. But he has such a great idea for it.”

The move isn’t unusual as Fuller’s acclaimed dark comedy series “Dead Like Me” has been spun off into a direct-to-DVD movie “Life After Death” which gets released next month, though Fuller himself sadly wasn’t a part of that.