“Purge” Producer Explains Point Of TV Series

Last year came word that USA Network and Syfy were planning a TV series based on “The Purge” film franchise. Specifically the series, which will consist of ten one-hour episodes, was rumored to cover what happens all the other ‘non-Purge’ days of the year.

This week, franchise creator and series executive producer James DeMonaco spoke with EW and explains that two-thirds of the series will take place on a Purge night. It will focus on four different stories, juxtaposing what they do on Purge Night with flashbacks showing how society has adjusted around this night:

“The real estate of TV lets us truly analyze why anyone would resort to violence on Purge Night. So, it’s a slower burn. Whereas the movies are kind of a punch in the face – you know, these big events – I think the TV show, with the real estate of it, allows us to truly analyze why anyone would pick up a gun or a knife to solve a problem. We really get to examine the night, and the intricacies of the evening, and the nuances of the evening, and the different kinds of people who are out on the streets in a way that I just couldn’t do in the movies.”

The film stars Gabriel Chavarria as a marine trying to protect his younger sister and Jessica Garza as a member of a Purge-worshipping cult. A fourth film in the series, the first DeMonaco hasn’t directed, opens this July. The series doesn’t have an air date yet.