Purcell Talks “Prison Break” Revival

The confirmation last week by FOX of the revival of “Prison Break” for an event series to begin production shortly led to one obvious question – scheduling.

After all the show’s two big stars Wentworth Miller and Dominic Purcell are already committed to two other series over on The CW – serving as series regulars on the midseason launcher “DC’s Legends of Tomorrow” along with guest starring spots on “The Flash”.

Now, Purcell confirms to The Live Feed that scheduling has been worked out and the pair will return to the roles of the brothers Scofield immediately once their supervillain duties wrap:

“We’ll shoot ‘Legends [of Tomorrow]’, and then once ‘Legends’ is completed, Wentworth and I will go straight into [‘Prison Break’]; we’re basically shooting ‘Prison Break’ straight away. As soon as Legends finishes, we’ll hop to another set. It’s going to be certainly a busy couple of years for Wentworth and I… I’m just so excited to see where Lincoln is, where Michael is. Just getting the brothers back together again is going to be amazing.”

The new “Prison Break” takes place several years down the road and will address some questions that were set up at the end of the series. Their roles are quite different to those in the DC TV series, and

As Purcell and Miller prep to share the screen with two very different character dynamics during the next year, Purcell acknowledges it requires a different chemistry: “All Wentworth and I do is stay true to the characters, and what’s written on the page. And the chemistry and the dynamic, that’s an innate thing he and I have you can’t articulate. We just work well together.”