Punisher, Spartans, Train Dates Set

Lionsgate’s “The Punisher: War Zone”, a sequel to their comic adaptation, is scheduled for September 12th 2008.

-The film adaptation of Clive Barker’s horror short story “Midnight Meat Train” with Vinnie Jones a train-bound serial killer opens May 16th 2008.

-“Meet the Spartans”, a comedy spoof of “300” and other recent sword and sandal epics, will open January 25th 2008.

-New Line’s big budget adaptation of the fantasy novel “Inkheart” has been moved up a full six months from September 19th 2008 to March 19th 2008.

-Denzel Washington drama “The Taking of Pelham One, Two, Three” has moved up a week from August 7th 2009 to July 31st 2009.

-Marley & Me, Fox’s adaptation of the best-selling “canine memoir” starring Jennifer Aniston and Owen Wilson, will open December 19th 2008.

-Joshua Jackson-led horror thriller “Shutter” will now open March 21st 2008.