“Punisher” Report Teases ‘Suicide Run’ Story

A new casting report for the second season of Marvel and Netflix’s “The Punisher” has seemingly teased that the ‘Suicide Run’ storyline from the comics is being used as the source material for the next batch of episodes.

That Hashtag Show has the breakdown for the new episodes which seeks four people to play the staff of an Ohio sheriff’s office:

[Sheriff Bonnen] an authoritative male in his early 40s.
[Deputy Willis] Mid-30s female who is a good cop but looks out for only herself.
[Deputy Creamer] an optimistic and professional 25-28 year old male.
[Bob] a male in his early 50s who works at the front desk.

In the comics, the storyline sees Frank Castle nearly dying in an explosion trying to take out a large swath of New York’s crime bosses. Believed dead, he ends up in a small town in Pennsylvania and recovers thanks to Amy Bendix. Her father, the sheriff, isn’t too keen on the mystery man.

Georgia Wigham was cast as Bendix earlier this week which adds to the chances of the series following the storyline. The second season of “The Punisher” is expected to debut in 2019 on Netflix.