Punch Helmer Talks Future Projects

“Welcome To The Punch” director Eran Creevy says that he’s already considering a follow-up to the upcoming crime thriller which is about to score a release.

Creevy says: “It would definitely be set in Hong Kong. It would be called ‘The Hong Kong Sector’ and we would find Mark Strong in Hong Kong at the beginning of the movie and there would be a prison break out.”

Before that though comes “Autobahn” which he will shoot this year or next in Germany. F. Scott Frazier penned the first six drafts, and Creevy then came onboard to co-write.

The story follows an American backpacker who gets embroiled with these drug dealers and has to get back across Germany to his girlfriend in Munich. The twist is the couple’s relationship is revealed via surreal transitions and ways that recall “Blue Velvet” or some of Michel Gondry’s stranger efforts.

Creevy is also developing the Asian cinema-influenced revenge film “Cry Havoc,” and the prison escapee hunts a serial killer tale “Fear of Violence.”

Sources: The Skinny, HeyUGuys, The Playlist