Psylocke’s X-Men Power Involves Buttocks

Less than three months away from the release of Bryan Singer’s “X-Men: Apocalypse”, the next wave of marketing is expected to hit soon – with a new trailer likely to drop later this month.

Before that though, a brief new promo has appeared online through the social media accounts for the film, check that out below:

One cast member who has been talking it up this week is Olivia Munn who plays Psylocke in the film. Appearing on the red carpet at last night’s 88th Academy Awards, MTV asked her if she had been signed up for further films beyond this one and what was planned next for her character.

Munn seemed to indicate that she has signed for more beyond this but doesn’t know if they’ll use her in further films. She was happy to share a new photo of the rear of the purple latex unitard costume she dons in the film – essentially the first “ass shot” of her character Psylocke. Check that out below.

#Repost @OliviaMunn: See ya in 3 months. 5-27-16 #XMen #Apocalypse

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