PS5, Xbox, “Anthem” Delay Rumors Fly

Ps5 Xbox Anthem Delay Rumors Fly

Sony grabbed many people’s attention this week with their announcement that they are skipping E3 next year, prompting speculation the PlayStation 5 will be announced sometime in 2019 for an early 2020 release.

Now a report on Reddit (via Digital Trends) claims that developers already have dev kits for the console which is rumored to boast a Ryzen eight-core CPU and have virtual reality support as one of its core features.

As a result of that, the PSVR 2 is also said to be in the works and will ditch the separate mini-box – instead plugging directly into the console. VR gloves and new PlayStation Move controllers are also planned.

The last PS4-exclusive games “Death Stranding,” “The Last of Us Part II” and “Ghost of Tsushima” are also expected to be launch titles for the PlayStation 5 and while backwards compatibility isn’t known at this point, it sounds like they’re aiming for people to be able to play PS4 games on the machine.

The same source also claims that BioWare’s “Anthem” will be delayed again from a February 2019 release as the modified Frostbite engine upon which the game is built is not performing well on current-generation consoles while the game itself they label ‘a mess’. has posted its own gaming rumors as well today, saying that the next version of the Xbox One may forgo a disc-drive entirely and is aiming for a Spring 2019 launch. The site also reports that Microsoft will offer a trade-in program for Xbox owners to bring their physical games into Microsoft stores and exchange them for digital downloads if they choose to opt for a console without a disc-drive.