PS4 vs. XB1 Graphics Comparison Videos

Debates have raged for months over which of the soon to release, next generation video consoles is better. Another question that has been circling though is that of whether the graphical improvements will be enough to bother with an upgrade right away.

This week, those questions have been somewhat answered in a way familiar to those who remember the launch of the previous generation of consoles – comparison videos. Video from gameplay on the new consoles has begun to be uploaded by people in the industry.

As the current gen versions of the same games are hitting stores this week or next, the same sequences from those versions are also online and so have been cut together to compare the graphical differences.

As these clips are online streaming video, it’s not a true comparison due to compression artifacts – but it is still fairly representative, and will be considered by many potential customers. The clips can be found over at IGN.

Let’s start with “Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag”. The first video below is a cut scene comparing the PS3 and PS4 version of the game, the PS4 version offering visibly more fine detail in regards to things like clothing texture, ocean waves, shadows and hair – similar to the difference between a DVD and Blu-ray. Yet, the improvement isn’t what many would call a huge leap.

The second is a video review comparing differences between the 360 and PS4 versions and it comes to the same conclusion – environments and weather elements look visibly better on next gen, and the game runs a bit smoother, but again the difference doesn’t seem that much.

Then comes the battle of the next gen consoles with a clip comparing the gameplay from “Battlefield 4” between the now confirmed 720p Xbox One version and the 900p PlayStation 4 version. The videos include frame rate analysis as well.

The conclusion? The PS4 has better frame rates and anti-aliasing (no ‘jaggies’), but the difference is still fairly negligible.

Capping things off, Eurogamer has shot comparisons from the PS4 & XB1 versions of “Battlefield 4”. In these direct 1080p captures, the PC understandably trumps both of them, but there’s a more visible advantage of the PS4 over the XB1 in terms of lighting and textures.