PS4 Dominates XB1 In Major Poll

There’s been various polls so far about which of the next generation consoles users are keen on, but perhaps the most interesting one has popped up over at

With over 112,000 votes as of this article, Sony’s Playstation 4 with 76.5% of the vote is easily slaying Microsoft’s Xbox One with 23.5%.

The site also has a voting breakdown by country with France scoring the largest XB1 support base with 24.7% of the country’s vote. Germany is firmly in the PS4 camp with 84.6% of that country’s vote.

In the U.S. and Australia, the vote is 81.5% PS4 & 18.5% XB1. In the U.K. though it’s surprisingly 79% PS4 & 21% XB1.