PS4 Beats XB1 For Naughty Movies

SugarDVD, a company that describes itself as “the Netflix of pornography,” is also the only company that makes a streaming web app compatible with each of the two new next gen consoles – the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One.

As of two months ago, the company firmly raised its flag of support for the Xbox One, a rep telling Digital Trends that “the Xbox One is a gateway for porn of the future. The PS4 is pretty, but Xbox One allows for more seamless integration and a more interactive experience.” The rep cited the XB1’s Kinect gesture controls and ‘Snap’ function as being the main advantages.

Now, the first month of official data is in and so much for those predictions. Buzzfeed reports that approximately three times as many people have signed up to use the SugarDVD app for PS4 than for the XB1. Granted more PS4s have been sold so far, 3.4 million units compared with 2.4 million XB1 consoles according to Daily Finance, yet that’s not enough to cover the disparity.

A different target audience is a reasonable explanation – the Xbox marketed to families as opposed to PS4’s hardcore gamers. Another is that having always-on motion-tracking sensors and a HD camera with social media broadcasting ability is not the most conducive of environments to masturbate in.

A list of the most popular titles on the service are actually fairly similar, though ‘category’ choices differ. Click here for the full list.