Proyas Talks His Dracula Prequel

Once he wraps work on the upcoming Nicolas Cage thriller “Knowing”, Aussie film director Alex Proyas (“The Crow,” “Dark City”) intends to get cracking on “Dracula Year Zero”.

Sitting down with MTV News, Proyas answered a few burning questions about what will and won’t be included in this vampiric tale.

He describes the story as “sort of the origin tale that mixes [the historical] Prince Vlad of Transylvania with sort of [fictionalized] Bram Stoker [take].”

Expect fangs galore – “The teeth are really important. I think Frank Langella in the ‘Dracula’ movie that was made in the 70s, I think he didn’t want to have teeth in the movie. But, no, I like the teeth. I want to see girls with a lot of teeth.”

Some eccentricities however aren’t going to be added – “I think the garlic thing is kind of weird.” Thus we’ll just get “stakes and teeth…and lots and lots of blood.”