Proper Information About “Super 8”

After so much hyperbole floating around online about the “Super 8” trailer this week, Borys Kit has cut through the chatter and has written up a report for Heat Vision dealing with the facts of the case.

In the interests of keeping it brief – if there’s one thing viral marketing is good at it’s creating endless streams of electronic nonsense – here’s the bullet points:

– J.J. Abrams and Steven Spielberg began collaborating on a hush-hush project a year ago called “Super 8”.

– Abrams has written the original script and will direct the film this Fall. The budget will be in the $45 million-$50 million range.

– Paramount Pictures will release the film next Summer. Amblin and Bad Robot are producing.

– The film HAS NOTHING to do with “Cloverfield”. It will be shot traditionally, NOT handicam style like “Cloverfield”.

– With “Star Trek 2” not due till June 2012, Abrams could still direct that after “Super 8” if he choses to do so.

– The 90-second trailer was shot independently of the actual film shot about a month ago and has been put assembled in the past few weeks.