Promo Trailer: “Birth of the Dragon”

The first promotional trailer has arrived for “The Adjustment Bureau” director George Nolfi’s “Birth of the Dragon,” a throwback martial arts movie built around the iconic Bruce Lee. The story centers on a still-disputed private brawl between martial arts masters Bruce Lee (Philip Ng) and Wong Jack Man (Yu Xia) in 1964.

The match ties into a San Francisco-set coming-of-age story involving a rough and tumble young white man (Billy Magnussen) who matches the feuding fighting legends in the brawl as he pursues a Romeo and Juliet romance with a young Chinese immigrant (JingJing Qu) under the control of the Chinese mob.

Christopher Wilkinson and Steven J. Rivele penned the script while Michael London and Janice Williams are producing. The project has yet to secure distribution and is up for sale in Toronto.

Source: Deadline