Prometheus Runtime & Longer Cut?

While we are still awaiting what will happen with the MPAA, we do know Ridley Scott shot his upcoming sci-fi epic “Prometheus” with an R-rating in mind. Talking about the film at a recent press conference in Paris, Scott says whatever ends up in cinemas will be his ‘cut’.

“The cut that you’re gonna see in cinemas… it’s always the director’s cut, really… In this instance, you got a pretty good version here, pretty good cut. We’re running at about — I think without the end titles, which normally run about four to five minutes — we’re running one hour, fifty-nine minutes and change. It’s very tight, it’s what it should be” he told the assembled journos.

While he isn’t a fan of the term ‘Director’s Cut’, Scott is famous for doing ‘Extended’ or ‘Ultimate’ versions of this films on video – versions that are often better than the theatrical cut be it ones with only a few tweaks (ala “Blade Runner,” “Gladiator”) or major re-edits and additions that completely change the film (“Kingdom of Heaven,” “Legend”).

Though he doesn’t outright say it, Scott leaves the distinct impression a longer cut of the film will be on the disc when it stores hits towards year’s end.