Prometheus Photos – Now In High Res

20th Century Fox has now released those photos that debuted in EW the other week in proper high-resolution versions.

Those who’ve complained about the quality of the shots, how ‘bright’ they look, and how the neck lights make the actors heads seem photoshopped on should be more pleased by these colour corrected and much better quality versions.

Meanwhile Tom Rothman spoke to MTV News about the poor quality bootleg trailer leak and is understandably not happy that such a rough quality clip got online, calling it “heartbreakingly unfair”.

Asked if it’s an “Alien” prequel, he says “here’s the way to think about it. If you looked at the whole movie, 95% is entirely unto itself. There’s 5% that… if you’re a fan, and if you look closely you’ll spot strands of the DNA, I mean that metaphorically.”

He adds that “I’ll tell you the great thing… it’s way bigger than that, the ideas are way bigger, way more original, and… it’s a scary word but way more profound.”