Prometheus Disc Has 30 Mins More

With “Prometheus” sparking endless debate this weekend, one thing for sure is that a lot of elements of the film have confused people. Some of them are Scott’s deliberate attempts to be ambiguous and enigmatic, but others seem to be the result of some overly judicious editing.

The latter problem will be resolved to some extent with the upcoming DVD & Blu-ray editions scheduled to hit October 9th. Scott tells Collider that the home release of “Prometheus” will have up to half-an-hour of deleted scenes.

A lot of those will be included in a longer cut on the disc that lasts an additional twenty minutes, one which sounds much close to the original 147 minute first cut of the film he did. However he says the theatrical version is “fundamentally the director’s cut… I’m so happy with this engine, the way it is right now. I think it’s fine. I think it works.”

He is however aware of film lovers and fans with their desire to see as much as possible, even though in this case he prefers the theatrical take – “there will be half an hour of stuff on the menu because people are so into films… if you really want to tap in, look at the menu. To see how things are long, and it’s too long. Dramatically, I’m about putting bums on seats. For me to separate my idea of commerce from art I’d be a fool. You can’t do that. I wouldn’t be allowed to do the films I do. So I’m very user friendly as far as the studios are concerned. To a certain extent, I’m a businessman. I’m aware that’s what I have to do. it’s my job. To say, “Screw the audience.” You can’t do that. “Am I communicating?” is the question. Am I communicating? Because if I’m not, I need to address it.”

Meanwhile the viral video campaign for the film is not yet over. The film’s end credits have revealed a new website and a brief new video which again features Guy Pearce’s Peter Weyland character.