Project Cadmus Is “Supergirl” S2’s Big Bad

Andrew Kreisberg, the executive producer of The CW’s “Supergirl,” has confirmed that Project Cadmus will serve as the ‘big bad’ of the first half of the show’s second season. First introduced last year, the elusive and mysterious group was created to combat alien threats and was revealed to be the one’s responsible for the taking of a key character.

Kreisberg has now gone into more detail about them, telling EW that they are a government genetic engineering facility helmed by scientific zealots:

“[Project Cadmus is] dedicated to eradicating alien life on Earth. They’re fanatics. They’re true believers. It’s a collection of scientists, of very bright, patriotic people who truly believe what they’re saying. That makes them even more dangerous.”

That’s different to comic book incarnations in which the group weren’t outright villains but did have the goal of combating potential alien threats. The show’s version will also have an evil female lead scientist named ‘The Doctor’ which has been suggested to be comics character Serling Roquette.

Kreisberg also says Cadmus will be the villains only for the first half of the season, a different one will come into play in the second half. The new season kicks off October 8th on The CW.