Professor X Set For “New Mutants”

Producer Simon Kinberg has confirmed that Professor X will be a part of filmmaker John Boone’s “New Mutants” X-Men spin-off which is currently in the works.

Speaking with Collider during the junket for “X-Men: Apocalypse,” Kinberg says: “Right now, as the movie exists, Professor X would be a part of a New Mutants movie.”

James McAvoy finishes his contracted appearances as Charles Xavier in ‘Apocalypse,’ which means if he’s to return a new deal will have to be struck. The film itself is expected to follow a younger team of heroes and hopes to begin shooting early next year.

Winberg also revealed that Professor X was originally going to be one of the Four Horsemen in ‘Apocalypse’ with the original draft of the script constructed around that ‘surprise’. That was ultimately changed with Psylocke taking his place.

Speaking of McAvoy, video has gone online of the actor shaving off his long hair for filming on ‘Apocalypse, and engaging in a video chat with Patrick Stewart whilst doing it.